Pygmies – primitive short people, are discovered in Dutch New Guinea.

We may want to believe that a God lives in the sky that throws thunderbolts, or that the poet Ovid had it right, but most Greek myths have not been proven, except for one. Pygmaioi were part of Greek myth. They were small, pudgy, people who fought the Crane people, which constantly invaded them. They were supposed to be comical characters. Well Zeus strike us where we sit because they exist.

On this day June 2nd, in 1910, Pygmies – primitive short people, are discovered in Dutch New Guinea. New Guinea is in the region of Melanesia and is relatively close to Queensland, Australia. It is the second largest island after Greenland (which should have been called Iceland), not counting Australia which is simply deemed a continent.

Adult male Pygmies grow to less than 5 feet on average. Pygmies have been found all over the world including in Australia and Africa. Unfortunately many Pygmies have undergone persecution and furthermore, the term Pygmy can be seen as an insidious term. There are numerous theories as to how the Pygmy short stature came about. One of which is the low UV levels due to living in rainforests, which also means a Vitamin D deficiency, as that is where we attain the vitamin. This then limited the amount of calcium that could be absorbed needed for a larger skeletal frame.



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